ES Imaging Features

See the ES Imaging Feature List white paper for a more comprehensive list of features.

  • Non-proprietary software allows access to any type of file
  • Pages can be scanned via any WIA or TWAIN compatible scanner
  • Digital pictures can be captured from any WIA compatible digital camera, web cam, etc.
  • Emails can be imported from any POP email server (Yahoo Plus, Gmail, Exchange Server, etc), and searchable by subject, from, to, date, message, etc.
  • Files can be streamed down for real time usage (movies, sound files, etc)
  • Documents and images are accessible from remote locations via web browser

  • Permissions are flexible and controlled by Administrator
  • Manage with users or groups
  • May be incorporated at any level (document or folder)
  • Various security levels are supported for read-only/update access
  • Audit information is retained for each document
  • Files can be stored with AES 256-bit encryption for additional protection
  • Reports available to assist with permission management

  • Familiar tree structure tailored to your organization's specific needs
  • Icons are customizable to your preference/organization
  • Customizable keyword drop down lists
  • Data integrity assurance by requiring keywords
  • Document folders specific to your organization's needs
  • Keyboard shortcuts available for many functions
  • Can save versions of files with descriptive names

  • On index values (keywords) using wild card search
  • Full-text searching available when utililizing OCR
  • Routine searches can be saved for later re-use
  • Can be performed with either simple or complex criteria ('and', 'or', 'like', 'equals', '<', etc).
  • Search at any parent folder or sub-folder document levels

  • Mass/batch import of emails from a POP email server
  • Ability to monitor and filter any POP email account. Emails can automatically be deleted based on various criteria (Subject, Message Body, Attachment File Names, Date Sent, etc). Great for SPAM management.
  • Ability to notify users of workflow items via email
  • Ability to forward captured emails to any email address
  • Ability to attach any file and send as an email through ES Imaging

Image Markups / Manipulation
  • Supports scaling and rotation
  • Redaction, popup notes, text overlays, circles, highlights, freehand drawing
  • Can attach searchable note(s) to a folder or file
  • Can permanently apply markups, by flattening image/file

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Ensure documents are safe in cases of flood, fire or other disasters
  • Store documents on an external network for an extra security measure
  • Return to normal business operations immediately after a disruption

Workflow / Events
  • Route documents to workflow queues for approval, rejection, etc.
  • Robust and flexible event system to handle any business rule or situation
  • Over 25 different event types such as: sending emails, reading emails, changing keywords, moving documents, auditing, searching, importing/exporting, mathematical calculations, etc.
  • Administrators can control anything in the system with event triggers driven by conditions
  • Chain multiple events together and trigger them either with specific actions (saving, deleting, etc.) or on a schedule (daily, hourly, etc.).
  • Scheduled events can be executed on demand

  • Supports Windows 2000+ (2003, 2008, NT, XP, ME, Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc)
  • Supports Linux and Mac OS X
  • Supports iOS 4.3+ mobile devices (iPhone and iPad)
  • Supports Android 2.3+ mobile devices with ARM v7 processors
  • Open database design to allow system integration and external reporting
  • Image formats directly viewable: PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, JPEG 2000, FPX, PNM

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