ES Imaging
There are two options available when purchasing ES Imaging. Purchase (to install on your own server(s)), or we host for you and you pay monthly to use the Software as a Service (SaaS). A "seat" is a single user of the system.

If you find a commercial grade Document Management/Imaging product at lower cost, with the same features, we will beat their price.

Business Pricing
Seats Purchase *SaaS Monthly Fee SaaS Disk Space
1 $749 $30 20 GB
5 $1,731 $54 30 GB
10 $2,925 $82 50 GB
25 $6,938 $155 100 GB
*SaaS Monthly Fees are based on a one year contract. Two and three year plans are also available. Included disk space and allotted monthly bandwidth varies depending on number of users. Extra disk space includes an additional fee ($1/month per GB).

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Customized Pricing
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